Early Career Researchers Workshop 1: Effective communication

13–14 March 2014

Egrove Park, Oxford

To inform policymakers and practitioners, researchers must be able to explain their work and its implications clearly to a range of specialist and non-specialist audiences. This workshop explored various approaches used for communicating research to different audiences, particularly those stakeholders looking for evidence on which to base policy and practice decisions. The main subjects were be the built environment and infrastructure sectors.

The workshop featured facilitated sessions, each focusing on an element of communication. Sessions included discussions and practical challenges to allow participants to build on their own expertise and to put concepts into practice.

Transferable skills gained during this workshop will help participants enhance the communication of their work, its use and potential impact.

Workshop organisers

  • Dr Pete Walton, UKCIP (co-ordinator)
  • Roger Street, ARCC network
  • Kay Jenkinson, ARCC network

Expert contributors

  •  James Painter, Head of Journalism at the Reuters Institute in Oxford focusing on climate change in the media
  • Adam Corner, researcher and writer specialising in the psychology of communicating climate change and in understanding risk