Infrastructure resilience in an interdependent world

2 July 2015

Royal Geographical Society, London

ARCC network joint meeting with CIRIA

The importance of infrastructure in a national strategic sense and in enabling society and commerce on a daily basis is well recognised. However, its vulnerability has also been highlighted in recent years.

This knowledge exchange event will provide the opportunity for owners, operators and regulators:

  • to hear about and influence three major research programme investments;
  • to consider how best to engage with research and apply the knowledge and tools being developed;
  • to ensure future research responds to industry’s challenges and needs.

We welcome keynote contributions from:

  • Keith Clarke, Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Richard Ploszek, Infrastructure UK
  • Stephen Beel, UK Regulators Network

A number of workshop sessions will be held to explore issues of infrastructure resilience and interdependencies, and the implications of the latest evidence-based research findings. Specific cross-cutting themes include:

  • Capturing the value of resilience; how can we make the business case to invest in resilience?
  • How can we make use of data to identify and manage critical interdependencies?
  • The issue of scale: interface between local, national and international scales.
  • Value of considering a service-oriented approach to help with planning, identifying interdependencies and quantifying the risks of infrastructure failure.

This event is aimed at infrastructure owners and operators, regulators, consultants, policymakers and other stakeholders with a role in enhancing infrastructure resilience at the local, regional and national scales.

This event is free, with a number of places reserved for industry professionals to ensure a balance of delegates. To register your interest to attend, please contact or