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SUSTaim's perspective of Low Carbon Futures

September 2012 These observations on the outcomes and the value of this project are provided from the viewpoint of a construction professional and an industry participant by John Easton of SUSTaim Limited. This report is intended to identify the beneficial impacts obtained through participation in the project, gathered from input at key stages in the … Continue reading SUSTaim’s perspective of Low Carbon Futures

AECOM's perspective of SCORCHIO

January 2011 A stakeholder view from AECOM, a global provider of professional technical and management support services. The SCORCHIO project is developing tools that use the latest forecasts from the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP) to help planners, designers, engineers and users to adapt urban areas to the additional heat burdens anticipated with climate change. … Continue reading AECOM’s perspective of SCORCHIO

Adaptive places

With over 80% of the UK population now living in urban areas and an ever increasing number of people choosing to live in towns and cities, the planning of future cities is important to ensure sustained economic growth and improved quality of life. Integration across urban buildings and services is increasingly recognised as a way … Continue reading Adaptive places

SECURE: Self-conserving urban environments

Enabling integration of systems across scales to create policies and planning driven by efficient transport, use of land as a resource, using waste as an asset, micro-generation of energy and up-scaling systems management from a local/city to regional level.