Dialogue on infrastructure dependencies and interdependencies

4 April 2014, 10.30–15.00

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, SW1H 9JJ

A joint activity with the EA’s Infrastructure Operators Adaptation Forum, and hosted by IET.


To initiate an on-going dialogue to better understand current activities, and to identify challenges and opportunities to enhance this understanding. There are a number of disparate infrastructure initiatives underway and a need to consider the overall dependencies and interdependencies landscape, both within the UK and internationally.


  • To further explore what is going on under interdependencies in practice, policy and academia (understanding of the landscape);
  • To better understand the challenges related to understanding and addressing interdependencies from the participants’ perspectives; and
  • To identify next steps for the dialogue.

Draft agenda:

10.00   refreshments
10:30   Introductions and purpose
10:45   Series of brief presentations plus questions:

  • from IOAF members – where dependencies/interdependencies are being considered in operations or where their consideration is under discussion
  • from research – drawing on ARCC affiliated research projects that are examining interdependencies and associated challenges
  • from policy community – IUK and Cabinet Office or Defra

12:30   Discussion and sharing by participants of other initiatives to provide a better understanding of the landscape
13:00   Lunch and further networking
13:45   Facilitated discussion to explore lessons learnt and challenges related to addressing dependencies / interdependencies. This will provide an opportunity to explore barriers, and knowledge and evidence gaps, as well as to identify potential ways forward.
14:30   Identifying the next steps in this Dialogue
15:00   End