About us

The performance of the UK built environment and infrastructure systems is critical to national well-being, the growth agenda and economic competitiveness. However, these complex and interdependent sectors face serious challenges if they are to remain resilient to expected future changes.

EPSRC-funded projects provide the focus of the ARCC network, looking at adaptation and resilience in buildings, urban environments, transport networks, water resources and energy systems. Through coordinated activities involving researchers and stakeholders, the network maximises and accelerates the benefits of research to support sustainable urban environments and national infrastructure systems.

By providing a comprehensive focal point for knowledge exchange, information and engagement opportunities for adaptation, the ARCC network seeks to meet policy and practice requirements for credible and salient evidence from across the research community.

The network engages with researchers and a wide range of stakeholders including:

  • Central government departments, devolved administrations and their agencies
  • Local government
  • Infrastructure operators
  • Architects, building designers and developers
  • Professional bodies and institutions
  • Coordination organisations and other knowledge exchange and research networks
  • International research programmes

Funded by the EPSRC, the Network focuses on three core objectives:

  • building community cohesion to develop in-depth understanding and synergies across the network
  • provision and integration of knowledge to help ensure policy and practice have the best available evidence
  • enhanced accessibility and uptake of research outputs to meet the needs of a diverse stakeholder community in a timely manner.

All activities build on EPSRC-funded research to help broaden the uptake, use and impact of outputs beyond that achievable by individual projects. The Network adds value by enabling the effective interpretation, integration and mobilisation of knowledge and potential solutions, maximising the overall benefit from EPSRC funding commitments.

The current ARCC network builds on earlier work focused on a specific portfolio of projects, primarily looking at adaptation and resilience to climate change. These projects remain an integral part of the network, which has now expanded to provide a greater emphasis on knowledge exchange within a more open network of researchers and stakeholders.