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The win-win offer for city scale adaptation

Focus on sectoral approaches to climate risks and solutions can overlook wider implications of impacts and adaptation, such as opportunities and trade-offs with other sectors.

Sharing is caring, but can it also build resilience?

Christopher Boyko asks if the urban nature of our society can help us to share more? And can that help us in times of need?

Changing landscapes: Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown and climate change

Dr Oliver Cox considers how to maintain the green and pleasant land of Capability Brown as the climate changes.

Interdependency is all the rage

How did the term ‘infrastructure interdependencies’ come about? And why is it so important? ICIF researcher Neil Carhart explains.

Designing for the urban climate

How do you factor in something as inherently complex as the urban environment into building design? Dane Virk investigates.

Tackling overheating – design tools to address the risk

As overheating is identified as an increasing issue in homes, Anastasia Mylona investigates tools and research to help designers take thermal comfort into account.

Indoor air quality, overheating, and the future of English houses

Many of our homes are built using old technology or are poorly designed – Jonathon Taylor asks if we’re putting our health at risk.

Is knowledge exchange too much of a contact sport?

Briony Turner reflects that her roles in both academia and industry mean that she’s good at the sport of knowledge exchange.

Data, data everywhere and nary a drop to drink

A lack of access to high quality data on energy is a tricky issue for researchers. Simon Elam investigates.

Understanding infrastructure interdependencies: challenges and progress

What are infrastructure interdependencies? Roger Street examines the links across sectors that make up the complexities of infrastructure.

Look, over here! – getting policy-makers’ attention

In the second of our ECR events, Tom Sutton discussed the challenges of bringing research to policymakers.

Researchfish, the new RCUK reporting system

As RCUK introduces a new reporting system, Fiona Hewer examines the pros and cons.