Building with trees

Liveable Cities

Prof Chris Rogers

School of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham

May 2012 to April 2017

AIM: To transform the engineering of cities to deliver global and societal well-being within the context of low carbon living and resource security through developing realistic and radical engineering that demonstrates the concept of an alternative future.


  • Quantify how a city operates and performs in terms of its people, environment and governance, using quality of life indicators as a measure, analysed through several ‘disciplinary lenses’, and then integrate into an engineering strategy.
  • Establish how city performance relates to the vision of low-carbon living, working and consuming, embracing new conceptions of quality of life and accounting for changing aspirations, needs and social practices of citizens in cities.
  • Develop realistic and radical engineering solutions, explore their environmental, economic and social implications through case study based scenario modelling and test their acceptability with policy makers and the public – the transition of the engineering solutions into robust city design solutions, applicable anywhere and at any scale, is a key objective.
  • Use wide-ranging public engagement approaches that not only influence policy-makers, but engage the general public so that it drives policy introduction alongside implementation strategies created for urban design practitioners.

Expected project outcome

A holistic, integrated, multi-disciplinary city analysis methodology which uniquely integrates wellbeing indicators, is founded on an evidence base of trials of radical interventions in cities, and delivers the realistic and radical engineering solutions necessary to achieve the programme aim.