The ARCC project has now ended, however the website contains useful information for any knowledge exchange network. Take a look at the highlights!

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Lessons from coordinating a knowledge exchange network

What makes a knowledge exchange network successful? Our report identifies the complexities of managing a network, and the strategies and skills needed.

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Early career researchers skills development

A series of events brought together early career researchers to enhance their professional skills and develop their expertise in maximising the impact of their research.

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Environment Agency office in Wallingford

Loans on Benefits

If you're looking for loans for people on benefits there are many options available. Wage Day Advance can provide up to £1000 paid within one hour. There may also be options to get a benefits loan direct from your bank.

Natural to neural as imagined in Lego by Ferguson & Wilkins

Research showcase at ecobuild

Demonstrating research at industry-focused events such as ecobuild helped to broaden the audience for a group of institutions.

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Flood research

Our online resource is designed to support business, identifying research to support decision-making in preparing for and responding to flood events.

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Green infrastructure as imagined in Lego by Ferguson & Wilkins

Green infrastructure design challenge

Working with CIBSE, the annual challenge asked for designs of buildings that show how green infrastructure can contribute to the health and wellbeing of occupants.

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Feeling good in public spaces

In a series of dialogues, we explored how people's senses can be affected by the design of public spaces and building frontages, from smellscapes to creating healthier spaces.

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Barbican housing

Integrating built environment models

Take a look at our guidance on ensuring models and data are considered throughout a research project, including a full report, webinar as well as a summary of recommendations.

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Reflections from the ARCC network

Some final thoughts on the benefits of knowledge exchange as part of the research process, and how a network can enhance outputs.

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