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Barking Riverside healthy new town research & innovation summit

11 November 2016, 09:30–16:00

Care City, Barking, London

Barking Riverside is one of the most ambitious and important new developments in the UK. It is also an NHS England designated Healthy New Towns demonstrator site, aiming to design and deliver interventions which increase healthy life expectancy, reduce health inequalities, and support inclusion and healthy ageing for all those living and working in the locality. An important first step is the agreement of 10 Healthy New Town Planning Principles for Barking Riverside.

The Research and innovation summit will bring together researchers, innovators and practitioners in health and care, planning, urban design and related disciplines to share their knowledge and expertise about what works to make places healthy and inclusive.

Attendees will explore opportunities for collaboration in future research and innovation which will further test and broaden the evidence via learning from the Barking Riverside development.

We’re partnering with the London Climate Change Partnership on at the event to showcase, among other projects, the work of ARCADIA, LUCID and BIOPICCC.