Infrastructure operators adaptation forum

The IOAF is coordinated by the Environment Agency, enabling forum members to learn from each other and work together to reduce vulnerability and realise opportunities presented by points of dependency between infrastructure systems.

Members are drawn from infrastructure operators, regulators, government, trade associations, professional bodies and academia. The IOAF’s vision is for:

Our assets and services to be resilient to today’s natural hazards and prepared for the future climate.

The IOAF and the ARCC Network, the dialogues bring together those within the policy, practice and research communities who are exploring dependencies and interdependencies in the infrastructure sectors.

The programme shares learning, challenges and plans by providing opportunities to explore work within and across the different communities, to initiate and strengthen collaborative efforts and enhance overall understanding and progress.

IOAF Working Group 5: interdependencies between infrastructure systems

Led by Roger Street, ARCC network

The ARCC network leads Working Group 5 of the IOAF, exploring approaches to infrastructure interdependencies. We’re making progress on developing a tool to help identify and assess such interdependencies, and which would also align with existing corporate risks management plans. The proposed matrix-based approach could provide a practical means of identifying and mapping interdependencies and of capturing supporting evidence. We are now exploring the utility of this approach more widely with IOAF members – industry, regulators, government – in order to identify the next steps.