Fields under water


Our flood-related work focuses specifically on the built environment and infrastructure.

Research projects

  • DOWNPIPE – adaptation of property drainage systems to cope with predicted changes in high-intensity rainfall events with implications for flood management.
  • ARCADIA – understanding the inter-relationships between climate impacts, urban economy, land use, transport and the built environment to help design cities that are more resilient and adaptable.
  • Retrofit2050 – understanding urban scale retrofitting to promote managed socio-technical transitions in built environment and urban infrastructure.
  • CREW – adapting UK dwellings; a tool to assist when choosing retrofit adaptations.
  • SNACC – developing a portfolio of adaptation strategies for suburbs including building-level interventions and broader strategies.
  • LUCID – helped to understand the impact of local urban climate on energy use, comfort and health with the emphasis on London.
  • SCORCHIO – developed prototype tools to help planners to adapt urban areas, with a particular emphasis on heat and human comfort.

Flooding & SMEs

Following on from the CREW project, the Centre for Disaster Resilience at the University of Salford examined the impacts of flooding on SMEs through a series of case studies. The studies focused on the effects and lessons learned by businesses in Braunton, north Devon after floods in 2004 and 2012.

Environment Agency flood risk data

The Environment Agency has provided flood risk data from rivers and seas. This data has been used in innovative ways to help affected communities.

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