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Ageing & mobility in the built environment… stakeholders, have your say!

Cities are byzantine places, from the vast metropolises of London, New York, and Paris, to the ‘most liveable’ of Melbourne or Vienna. They bring together dense and diverse collections of people, buildings, streets, transport, wealth, poverty, entertainment, work and lifestyles. But two big challenges face our cities: the growing trend to urbanisation and the fact that people are living longer. Both issues will have huge impacts on our cities and cannot be ignored if we are to create sustainable urban environments.

We have an opportunity to apply multi-disciplinary research to influence the design of the built environment, and encourage mobility and socialisation. From an EPSRC Design for Wellbeing call, we’ve been working with researchers and practitioners to synthesise across this research to provide stakeholders with useful material to draw from in their decision-making.

Workshop, April 2017

Research presentations: Engagement with stakeholders

Our workshop shared ageing and mobility research with the policy and practice communities.

DWELL – Designing for wellbeing in environments in later life

Sarah Wigglesworth, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects

cycleBOOM – Design for lifelong health & wellbeing

Tim Jones, Oxford Brookes University

BIOPICCC: Built Infrastructure for Older People’s Care in Conditions of Climate Change

Sarah Curtis, University of Durham

Mobility, Mood & Place

Catharine Ward Thompson, University of Edinburgh