Ants working together

Stakeholder views

Summaries from individual ARCC project stakeholders show how they value being involved in the research process.

AECOM working with the COPSE project

AECOM valued feedback from different stakeholders, in particular, learning about the research results from all technical aspects of the project.

Bristol City Council working with the SNACC project

For Bristol City Council, working with SNACC allowed access to experts well versed on the challenges faced by cities. In turn, the council helped to shape the research by exchanging knowledge of the city with the team.

CIBSE working with COPSE and other projects

CIBSE was a member of the COPSE stakeholder community which resulted in the research outputs directly informing CIBSE knowledge. The project developed a methodology for producing TRYs and DSYs for energy analysis of building performance, using the outputs from the UKCP09 Weather Generator (WG).

CREW and the view of their stakeholders

The CREW project involved an array of differing stakeholder groups. A particularly effective means of reaching and involving the interested parties was through a programme of General Assemblies.

Jacobs working with the Prometheus project

Working with PROMETHEUS demonstrated that engagement with the design process needs to happen early on to enable fundamental decisions to be made without compromising project programme and costs.

SUSTaim working with the Low Carbon Future project

It is important that designers are equipped with reliable methods for the design modelling of buildings that are resilient to future climate changes. The Low Carbon Futures produced probabilistic climate data in a useable reliable form as a basis for modelling and investment decision-making.