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Our achievements

We aim to share knowledge derived from both research and practical experience to generate new ideas and solutions for the built environment and infrastructure sectors. Priority is given to:

  • Strengthening engagement across the built environment sector,
  • Facilitating the uptake of research evidence into policy and practice,
  • Informing the strategic research agenda.

Collaborative research – lessons for researchers, stakeholders and funding agencies from the ARCC Network

Our guide to the collaborative process is based on the experiences of stakeholders and researchers from across the ARCC projects.

The main report suggests that a flexible, open working relationship between researchers and stakeholders, established early and sustained throughout the project lifetime, is essential. So too is investing time and energy in understanding the value, expectations and contributions that all parties bring to the project.

BKCC reports

Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate (BKCC) was an EPSRC-funded project which ended in 2007, and was a precursor to ARCC. Outputs from the project are now only available in pdf format.

BKCC: The impacts of climate change on the built environment

February 2003

This report outlines the main ways that climate change could affect our built environment. It also provides details of the six projects funded within the BKCC portfolio and sets them in the context of a wider research agenda.

BKCC: Mid-project update 2005

November 2005

BKCC is a portfolio of research projects looking at how climate change will affect different aspects of the built environment. It addresses some of the research needs of decision-makers dealing with buildings, transport and utilities infrastructure in responding to the impacts of a changing climate in the UK. It is promoted jointly by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the UK Climate Impacts Programme (UKCIP).

As most of the projects began in 2003 and are due to finish in 2006, it was thought useful to provide some information, in the form of Briefing Notes, at the half-way stage providing a synopsis of the aims and methodology of each project and indicating some of the expected outcomes and the timetable for dissemination.

BKCC: collaborative research to understand and adapt to the impacts of climate change on infrastructure, the built environment and utilities

November 2007

This publication reports results from the portfolio of nine BKCC projects looking at the impact of climate change on urban drainage, engineered slopes, the electricity supply industry, the aviation industry, historic buildings and infrastructure, as well as the urban environment more generally.

A summary of each of the projects is given which provides context, states the objectives, provides an overview of the methodology, highlights the key results and suggests how those results relate to policy and practice.