Wellies in oily puddle

Contaminated land & extreme weather conditions

June 2015, London

CIRIA and the ARCC network are working together to review how recent extreme weather conditions, in particular flooding, have affected the design and delivery of contaminated land projects in the UK. The event explored the impact of extreme weather events on the mobility of contaminants, the effectiveness of remediation processes and risk management, and how to make contaminated land remediation projects more ‘flood-proof’ in the future.

The event was aimed at those involved in the risk assessment, remediation and development of contaminated land, those land owners with land prone to flooding and near to contaminated/previously contaminated sites and researchers with expertise and/or interest in this topic area.

  • Chair: Dr Michael Ellis, Director of the Climate and Landscape Change research programme at the British Geological Survey.

Dr Michael Ellis oversees the development of a broad range of research projects including numerical modelling and observations of environmental response to climate and land-use change, palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironmental analyses of past episodes of rapid climate change, and soil and contaminant processes in the face of human activities