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Improving workplace health & well-being with sensory gardens

Wellcome Trust, London

This seminar disseminated evidence and encouraged discussion on how sensory gardens can help reduce stress levels of office workers, refocus their attention and improve their productivity.

We lose £100bn per year in absenteeism and presenteeism. One way of promoting healthier workplaces and facilitating workers’ wellbeing is through provision of multi-sensory experiences in sensory gardens, both inside and outside buildings.

Sensory gardens: how they help reduce stress, restore attention and improve accomplishment

Sepideh Arkani

Mini allotments at One Brighton. Why did we do it and what have we got out of it?

Pete Halsall

The ‘natural’ workplace: Sensory gardens introducing us to a healthier and more productive workforce

Maria Tsemani

Green infrastructure and the workplace

John Dover

Greening the brain: how evidence-based therapeutic garden design helps regulate the nervous system and enhance peak performance

Joanna Wise

Implementation of a sensory garden in a care setting

Mandy Thorn