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Urban microclimate: overcoming obstacles to high density resilient cities

6 January 2017 City Hall, London Working with the CIBSE Resilient Cities Group, we brought together 65 policy, industry and academic experts to consider the current state of knowledge and understanding of the various built form-driven effects on urban performance and resilience. We also addressed the practice requirements of tackling the unintended local environmental consequences … Continue reading Urban microclimate: overcoming obstacles to high density resilient cities

CREW from their stakeholders' perspective

November 2011 A collated response from a wide range of stakeholders at the final project National Assembly. Summarised from the final General Assembly, November 2011 The CREW project involved a large array of differing stakeholder groups and interested parties. One effective means by which to reach these persons and to elicit and capture their views … Continue reading CREW from their stakeholders’ perspective


Our flood-related work focuses specifically on the built environment and infrastructure. Research projects DOWNPIPE – adaptation of property drainage systems to cope with predicted changes in high-intensity rainfall events with implications for flood management. ARCADIA – understanding the inter-relationships between climate impacts, urban economy, land use, transport and the built environment to help design cities that are … Continue reading Flooding


Maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is vital to ensuring our general wellbeing and productivity. With heatwaves expected to occur in most summers by the 2050s, we face significant risks to our health and comfort. External temperatures can be intensified by the urban heat island effect – increasing heat emissions from energy use in homes, industry, … Continue reading Overheating


As our climate changes, the frequency and severity of extreme weather events is likely to increase. Impacts on the built environment include: flooding from rivers, surface water or the sea coastal erosion overheating storm damage poor air quality We have a particular focus on bringing together the latest evidence in flooding and overheating. EPSRC have … Continue reading Extremes