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Workshop: infrastructure interdependencies

30 October 2017 London The ARCC network leads Working Group 5 of the Environment Agency’s Infrastructure Operators Adaptation Forum (IOAF), exploring approaches to infrastructure interdependencies. We’re making progress on developing a tool to help identify and assess such interdependencies, and which would also align with existing corporate risks management plans. A proposed matrix-based approach could … Continue reading Workshop: infrastructure interdependencies

Infrastructure operators adaptation forum

The IOAF is coordinated by the Environment Agency, enabling forum members to learn from each other and work together to reduce vulnerability and realise opportunities presented by points of dependency between infrastructure systems. Members are drawn from infrastructure operators, regulators, government, trade associations, professional bodies and academia. The IOAF’s vision is for: Our assets and … Continue reading Infrastructure operators adaptation forum


Travel is an inevitable part of our daily lives, and transport systems are critical to the functioning and economic well-being of the country. As the number and frequency of heavy rainfall events increase, extensive flooding incidents are expected to become an almost annual occurrence by the 2080s. Increased bridge scour, landslides, and the deformation of … Continue reading Transport


A reliable water supply is fundamental to human health and wellbeing – water availability is already under pressure from factors such as population growth and land-use change. Without adaptation measures, climate change will intensify this pressure, leading to an increase in the demand for water and a reduction in the availability of supplies. Risks include: … Continue reading Water


In the UK, we expect access to a reliable supply of energy at all times. The energy sector – generation, transmission and distribution – is evolving to maintain security of supply, to meet carbon reduction targets and to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate. As energy sector assets have long operational lifetimes, addressing … Continue reading Energy

IOAF dialogues

First dialogue: April 2014, London A joint activity with the EA’s Infrastructure Operators Adaptation Forum, and hosted by IET: To explore what is work is happening in infrastructure interdependencies in practice, policy and academia (understanding of the landscape) To better understand the challenges of understanding and addressing interdependencies from the participants’ perspectives To identify next … Continue reading IOAF dialogues


We expect the services delivering energy, water, waste, transport and ICT to be available whenever we need them. But pressure from population growth, land-use change, increased demand, climate change and other factors means that significant changes may be required in the future to deliver sustainable and resilient systems capable of supporting national growth. Extreme events … Continue reading Infrastructure