ARCoES: Adaptation and Resilience of Coastal Energy Supply

September 2011 to February 2017

Prof Andrew Plater, University of Liverpool

AIM: To provide evidence and guidance that enables effective adaptation to the consequences of climate change at the coast, thus enhancing the resilience of coastal energy supply.


  • To evaluate the implications of climate change impacts for the nuclear energy sector at sediment cell scale across the reactor life-cycle to waste management.
  • To evaluate the implications of climate change impacts for coastal energy production and distribution, with a focus on the NW region as a test case for implementation nationally.
  • To identify the practical steps necessary to achieve effective adaptation and to enhance resilience to climate change for (i) the nuclear sector and (ii) coastal energy supply in the NW region
  • To assess the impacts of climate change at the coast in terms of flooding, erosion, morphological change, changes in water quality and ecosystem impacts.
  • To assess how the impacts identified above are exacerbated by barrages for tidal power generation.
  • To establish a decision-support tool for engaging communities in shaping future coastal energy generation.

May 2012 Energy projects – stakeholder focused workshop:

February 2012 Energy projects meeting:

June 2011 Meeting with the Scottish Government: