DOWNPIPE: Design Of Water Networks using ProbabilistIc PrEdiction

October 2008 to September 2011

Dr Lynne Jack, Heriot-Watt University

Aim: To realise potential benefits to property drainage design and adaption by using probabilistic data from UKCP09. The location and extent of any under-capacity will be identified and adaptation solutions proposed, thus impacting positively on the mitigation of flood risk.


  • To align existing flow simulation models in order to holistically represent a property drainage system and its characteristic transient flow interaction.
  • To enable the input of probabilistic UKCP09 rainfall data to appropriate component sections of the resultant drainage simulation model.
  • To assess, through an extensive simulation series, the potential for under-capacity of systems subject to UKCP09 data (suitably disaggregated).
  • To facilitate the assessment of adaptation strategies based on risk reduction, cost and requisite planning consent.
  • To validate simulation modelling of flow interactivity, flood predictions, proposed adaptation strategies and decision-making options through information gathered from installed systems and from case study sites (Glasgow, Paisley, London).

June 2011 Meeting with the Scottish Government:

April 2011 Conference output: