SECURE: Self-conserving urban environments

February 2011 to January 2015

Prof Margaret Bell, Newcastle University

Aim: To deliver a step change in thinking by enabling integration of resource-supply-demand-waste systems across city-to-regional scales to create scientifically informed, strategic, integrated policies and planning driven by efficient transport, use of land as a resource, using waste as an asset, micro-generation of energy and up-scaling systems management from a local/city to regional level.


To develop a Regional Urbanisation Model that synthesises resource-supply-demand-waste systems from city and local authorities to regional scales via the integration of three themes:

  • Urbanisation (land use and transport),
  • Building and Energy (supply and demand) and
  • Ecosystem Services (the benefits humans receive from ecosystems).

The model is being developed in consultation with stakeholders to develop SElf Conserving URban Environments (SECURE) that will radically cut greenhouse gas emissions, optimise efficiency gains and explore the consequences of key resource demands across regions to guide behavioural change needed to meet national targets through to 2050.