Professor Kevin Lomas

Loughborough University

October 2008 – October 2012


The research focuses on the city of Leicester:

  • Domestic Buildings: Investigating the nature of energy use and carbon emissions in homes
  • Non-domestic buildings: These include the city’s offices, schools, factories and shops
  • Transport: Looking at options for more environmentally-friendly options for transport
  • Biological sequestration: A study of gardens, parks and other green spaces and how these can be managed to ‘lock in’ CO2.

The project will calculate the carbon footprint of Leicester by:

  • measuring the carbon released by traffic and the burning of fossil fuels and the rate at which vegetation captures carbon and lock it in the soil
  • modelling the effects on carbon budget of road layouts, traffic volumes and traffic speeds, the way we use energy in our buildings and the way we look after green spaces
  • mapping the sources and sinks of carbon for the whole city and comparing this with the social and economic well-being of its inhabitants
  • management studies to investigate how to shrink the city’s carbon footprint.

The work will:

  • provide a methodology, data sources, models, data collection techniques, analysis methods and validation approaches that can use to benchmark and manage the carbon sources and sinks in any UK city; and
  • produce ways of representing carbon sources and sinks in a form suitable for visualisation and interpretation by policy makers, local authorities and the general public.