Brightly coloured houses in Wales

Integrating built environment models into geospatial applications & systems

30 March 2017


Join us for an interactive workshop exploring five built environment models.


The workshop is geared to built environment sector professionals and volunteers working with geospatial applications and systems who use, or wish to explore the potential to use, models and tools developed by researchers. For example, local authority planners, masterplanners, those involved in neighbourhood planning, architects, building and city engineering consultants, providers of low carbon, energy and environmental and property level risk data.

This workshop will showcase five built environment models developed by researchers, ranging from a focus on internal building characteristics, building, neighbourhood to the city scale.

We’ll focus on model outputs, their application, and explore how they could be integrated into existing geospatial applications, systems and approaches.

Breakout sessions will allow time for participants to discuss each model and explore ways they could benefit from their use with a focus on the potential for practical application.

13:00 Lunch
Interactives/models on display
13:30 Briony Turner, Knowledge Exchange Manager for ARCC, University of Oxford
Introduction to the ARCC network and the IAA project, what we are trying to achieve, outline of the workshop, house-keeping
13:45 Dr Katie Jenkins, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
Overview of the ARCADIA Impact Model (including 5 mins Q&A)
14:00 Breakout session 1
14:20 Professor Rajat Gupta, Oxford Institute for Sustainable Development (OISD), Oxford Brookes University
Overview of the DECoRuM© Model (including 5 mins Q&A)
14:35 Breakout session 2
14:55 Dr Phil Symonds, Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL
Overview of Metamodels derived from EnergyPlus and microsimulation models developed for the Health Protection Research Unit (HPRU) project (including 5 mins Q&A)
15:10 Breakout session 3
15:30 Dr Ivan Korolija & Mr Steve Evans, Faculty of the Built Environment, UCL
Overview of 3DStock and SimStock (including 5 mins Q&A)
15:50 Breakout session 4
16:10 Dr Kathryn Janda, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford
Summary bringing together thoughts and insights from the day and wider discussion
16:30 Closing thanks
Refreshments for those that wish to stay on and continue the discussion with the researchers.
Interactives/models on display