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Admiral Insurance Headquarters

Based on the new build office development of 200 000 sqft for Admiral Insurance’s headquarters (FTSE100 company), a 90 year adaptation plan using client, design and agents to ensure uptake and wider industry dissemination

Further project details

1. What approach did you take in assessing risks and identifying adaptation measures to mitigate the risks?

The building is being modelled in a future climate (2100) and checked, then the changes rolled back to present day, with each step towards current day having the changes checked to see if they are still required.

2. How have you communicated the risks and recommendations with your client? What methods worked well?

Not yet undertaken. A workshop will be held with the client group to agree what the changes to the building should be, and through involving the client this should communicate both risks and recommendations.

3. What tools have you used to assess overheating and flood risks?

The building has been modelled using IES for the overheating assessment, using climate files from the Exeter University project.

New Admiral Insurance HQ building

4. What has the client agreed to implement as a result of your adaptation work?

Not yet at this stage.

5. What were the major challenges so far in doing this adaptation work?

Not yet at this stage.

6. What advice would you give others undertaking adaptation strategies?