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ARCC news for January 2014

ARCC network news

1. ARCC network at ‘Building a Resilient Future’

Roger Street and Dr Anastasia Mylona will be representing the ARCC network when they speak at the forthcoming ‘Building a Resilient Future’ conference, which is the final dissemination event for the Technology Strategy Board’s Design for Future Climate competition. They will be reflecting on the research within the ARCC network to inform discussion on the latest thinking and best practice for integrating climate change adaptation and resilience into built environment projects. The conference will be held on 26 February.

ARCC network events

2. Early Career Researchers Workshop 1: Effective Communication of your Research, 13–14 March 2014, Oxford

To support EPSRC’s strategic aims, the ARCC network is initiating a series of workshops for early career researchers in the built environment and infrastructure sectors. This first event will explore approaches for exchanging knowledge and information with policy and practice stakeholders. The workshop is free to attend, and accommodation and meals are provided. If you would like to attend, please submit an application by 31 January 2014. More details about the event and how to apply on the ARCC website.

3. Climate Week event: Future Resilience of Northern Ireland’s Infrastructure, 6 March 2014, Belfast

This event, organised by Climate Northern Ireland with the Institution of Civil Engineers NI and the ARCC network, will explore the wider challenges of climate change on infrastructure sectors. Future resilience will be considered through an overview of current issues and best practice. As well as presentations from the transport, waste, energy, planning and water sectors, there will be consideration of the critical interdependencies between infrastructure sectors and vulnerability to climate change. Speakers will include representatives of the ARCC projects FUTURENET and RESNET. This event is free to attend and places are available on a first come, first served basis. More details are available from the Climate Northern Ireland website.

Project news

4. New ITRC report: ‘National infrastructure assessment: analysis of options for infrastructure provision in Great Britain’

Interim results from the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium’s (ITRC) new integrated system-of-system model have been published looking at the long term performance of infrastructure networks. The report considers the options for national infrastructure provision, how they might perform as a long-term strategy and what they might cost. Presentations from the launch event will be added to the website shortly.

Project events

5. iSMART first stakeholder workshop: Sustainable management and resilience assessment of infrastructure slopes, Loughborough, 26 February 2014

The UK’s transport infrastructure network is dependent on the performance of cuttings and embankments, and many of these are old and suffer high incidents of instability. The iSMART project aims to help understand water movement in infrastructure slopes under a range of current and future environmental scenarios, to support the creation of a safer and more sustainable transport system. This workshop bring stakeholders into the project at an early stage to work with project researchers and other stakeholders. For details of the workshop and how to register go to the workshop page.

6. ITRC: The future of national infrastructure systems and economic prosperity, 27–28 March 2014, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge

This conference will explore the relationship between economic prosperity and the provision of infrastructure systems and services. This event aims to gather the most innovative thinkers and practitioners in the field to create a stimulating environment to foster new thinking and approaches. Infrastructure systems are increasingly recognised as an essential aspect of economic competitiveness, yet the causal relationship between infrastructure provision and the economy is still not fully understood. Participation from a wide range of related socio-technical disciplines is encouraged. More information and registration links on the ITRC website.

Other news and events

7. Climate modellers – funding to facilitate working with researchers and policymakers

CliMathNet is a network that brings together climate scientists, mathematicians and statisticians to answer the key questions around climate modelling. CliMathNet funding is available to support discussions and collaborations between researchers, and to facilitate working with policy makers. Applicants can request funding to bring together a range of researchers to discuss a ‘Hot Topic’; attend a meeting with those in related international mathematical and climate networks (MCRN, STATMOS and SARMA); or to cover travel and subsistence costs for working with policymakers. Please see the CliMathNet funding pages for more information and funding limits under each category.

8. Research opportunity for ECRs: Sustainable building and infrastructure workshop, Bandung, Indonesia, 24-27 March 2014

Under the British Council Researcher Links scheme, a workshop is being organised on sustainable building and infrastructure. This initiative is being coordinated by Loughborough University and the Institute Teknologi Bandung. It aims to provide an opportunity for early career researchers from the UK and Indonesia to interact, learn from each other and explore opportunities for building long-lasting research collaborations. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the Researcher Links programme. Details of the workshop and an application from the ARCC website. Deadline for applications: 24 January 2014.

9. Retrofitting for the future – new publication

Members of the team on the EPSRC-funded Retrofit 2050 project, part of the Sustainable Urban Environments programme, have edited a new book setting out how our urban communities can be retrofitted for a sustainable future. It will be published on 24 January by Routledge.