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ARCC news for June 2016

ARCC network news

ARCC energy projects contribute to Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) Policy and Practice Notes

Three ARCC projects have been working with LWEC to deliver practical advice straight from the research for use by decision makers; Adaptation and Resilience of Coastal Energy Supply (ARCoES), Adaptation and Resilience in Energy Systems (ARIES) and Resilient Electricity Networks for Great Britain (RESNET). This resulted in two Policy and Practice Notes.

The first is How can UK energy systems be made more resilient to the impacts of climate change which looks at changes needed in the UK electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems to address the dual challenges of reducing vulnerability to the impacts of climate change while decarbonising the energy system

The second, Building coastal resilience to sea-level; rise and storms in the UK, identifies steps that decision makers can take both locally and nationally to make coastal populations and businesses more resilient to sea-level rise and climate change.

Living in London? Join us for a multisensory walk

2 July 2016, Peckham

Building on the recent Feeling Good in Public Spaces series in which we examined how people’s senses can be affected by the design of public spaces, ARCC is participating in the smellwalk and soundwalk starting at Peckham Rye Station to discover another side of public spaces.

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Buildings and wellbeing

Indoor air pollution is fast becoming a significant health issue with houses increasingly insulated for energy efficiency, but lifestyle and failure to ventilate creating negative results on the health of occupants.

A new report from the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) outlines the significant changes that are needed to ensure we all live in healthy homes.

New Network: Health Effects of Modern Airtight Construction

This Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded network aims to bridge the gap between the fields of indoor air quality, health, sustainability and the built environment,providing a platform for discussion and collaboration while facilitating knowledge exchange to the built environment professionals.

There are three networking events to be held over 2016/2017 that you can register your interest to participate.

ARCC So what? guides

Our So what? guides are available for practitioners to understand the latest built environment research, we have ones specifically on the impacts of indoor air quality and overheating, including in social housing, and also the influence of occupant behaviour.

We cover a range of other built environment and infrastructure topics in these guides, so please visit the ARCC website for more information, or researchers can get in contact to work with us to increase the accessibility of research.

Latest reports

Climate change and the cost of living

Supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, this latest report outlines the uneven effects that climate change will bring across the UK, with impacts relating to food, energy, water, housing, and policy costs associated with mitigation.

Local government think-tank new directions in flood recovery

An interesting article from the Local Government Information Unit outlines the case for a greater allocation of flood funding to the local authorities to support their on-the-ground role in short-term flood recovery as well as the longer term role in community well-being.

Scottish public sector climate change reporting

A voluntary report and monitoring framework provides information about climate action in the Scottish public sector, with a functional review also available that identifies improvements for future reporting.

Climate change adaptation costs set to soar on the railway

new report from the RSSB presents a number of recommendations to improve the network’s resilience and develop an understanding of the scale of the challenge to shape long-term investment plans.

Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme – Second Annual Report 2016

With their leadership on climate change praised by Christiana Figueres, the head of the UN climate body, Scotland now publishes its second annual report required under the statutory Adaptation Programme.

Calls for funding/expressions of interest

Research Council UK’s call for research networks: decision-making under uncertainty

Due 27 May 2016

This cross-research council funding is looking to fund a network that will grow a multidisciplinary community in the area of decision making under uncertainty, including the disciplines of applied mathematics, economics, finance, engineering, environmental science, operational research, management science, arts and humanities, political science, computer science, psychology, risk, media informatics, statistics and applied probability data science and information design.

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) – Strategic Advisory Teams

Due 1 July 2016

Industrialists, academics and individuals working in the third sector and government organisations are sought for membership of EPSRC’s Strategic Advisory Teams to provide expert command of particular themes that are free of bias.

Innovate UK: Built Environment Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) Infrastructure systems funding competition

With £15 million available, business-led projects are sought in cross-cutting technologies (eg digital sensors, autonomous systems) to address infrastructure system integration in the following provisional areas: energy systems, nuclear fission, offshore wind, multimodal transport systems, resilience to environmental and societal pressure, systemic challenges in urban areas. Information sessions will be held across the UK in July.

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Strategic Networks call 2016

Due 2 August 2016

To support the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), ESRC have £3 million for critical foundation activity where social science works with other disciplines to make a substantial contribution to the aims of the GCRF.

Evidence centre on UK Housing

Due 11 October 2016

The ESRC, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Arts and Humanities Research Council are inviting collaborative applications to establish an evidence centre for UK housing. The centre will focus on connectivity, accessibility and integration of evidence, and joining up different stakeholders and sectors to provide recommendations for housing policy and practice.


European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) – Glasgow

June 2017

Glasgow will be hosting ECCA 2017, Our climate ready future. There are seven cross-cutting themes proposed and five sectoral themes with a range of session options. It is time to start thinking about abstract submission for sessions, presentations and posters, with the official call opening shortly.

Ecobuild 2017

07–09 March, London

The organisers of Ecobuild 2017 are calling for your thoughts on what sustainability means for the built environment to shape the conference programme. Share your thoughts via their website.

Feedback in energy demand reduction: Examining evidence and exploring opportunities

4–5 July, Edinburgh

With over 40 speakers from academia, industry and policy, this is the first ever energy feedback symposium.

Water and impact assessment: Investment, infrastructure, legacy

31 October–2 September 2016, Lincoln

This IAIA symposium aims to advance a multidisciplinary discussion about the challenges and opportunities associated with the management of water-related impacts across investment sectors

International Symposia for Next Generation Infrastructure

1–2 September 2016, Wollongong, Australia

This is a coordinated global research programme about long term infrastructure and land use planning.

Urban Transitions Global Summit 2016

5–9 September 2016, Shanghai, China

Call for poster presentations: As we become a mainly urban species, we have significant challenges and exciting opportunities ahead of us, as we try to transition towards more. The deadline for submission of abstracts has passed however you can submit a poster presentation by 27 May 2016