London Underground


Prof Miles Tight

University of Birmingham

April 2012 to January 2016

AIM: to develop understanding of the complex mix of factors underlying transport practices, especially transport behaviour change, and to develop new transport modelling paradigms that better represent and account for such behaviours.


Research is organised around five inter-related strands:

  • Strand 1: a qualitative panel study of 240 households (Leeds and Greater Manchester) who will be followed over four years to help place changes in participant transport behaviour into the wider context of their backgrounds, circumstances, life histories and everyday lives.
  • Strand 2: understanding historical examples of step changes in transport behaviour and activity coupled with discussions with planners and policy makers about recent changes in transport behaviour and policy and how such changes relate to local circumstances.
  • Strand 3: elaborating new ways of understanding people’s everyday transport practices through engagement with the data from Strands 1 and 2 and via the extension of recent developments in mixed methods.
  • Strand 4: drawing on strands 1–3, considering the potential of alternative paradigms of transport planning to help achieve resilient futures in 2050.
  • Strand 5: constructing new transport modelling paradigms which reflect the evidence from Strands 1, 2 and 3 and drawing on the planning paradigms identified in Strand 4.