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Through our work providing opportunities for research, policy and practice to connect, we’ve discovered many interesting questions that are not explored, or that fall between those communities.

Our provocation series offers a space for you to ask those awkward questions, share your thoughts and discuss possible solutions. The idea stems from a built environment workshop held in London in late-2016.

We’ll start off the topics, but the conversations will be up to you, the ARCC network members. So please feel free to share this across your own networks.

What is the future for built environment research?

EPSRC priority areas include autonomous systems and robotics, complex manufactured products, computational and theoretical physical sciences, core mathematics and its interfaces, data to knowledge, digitally connected citizens, materials technologies and functional materials.

What do these mean for your research proposals? Do these bring new opportunities and challenges for innovation in the built environment? What synergies can be drawn from across all these priorities to further develop our built environments? Let us know your thoughts…