Power station with poppy field


Prof Gareth Harrison

University of Edinburgh

September 2011 to October 2015

AIM: To deliver a comprehensive risk framework to assess and manage UK energy system resilience to climate change.


  • To model physical and economic impacts of climate changes on current and new generation technologies.
  • To capture the climate-driven changes in gas and electricity demand in domestic and non-domestic buildings and their response to changes in building design, behaviour and micro-generation.
  • To examine future regional and national balance of supply and demand for gas and electricity, its implications for a resilient energy system, and interaction with other infrastructure sectors.
  • To develop an effective risk management framework with which to define and appraise potential energy system adaptation, articulate the implications of these changes to decision-makers, and to inform the 2012 and later UK CCRAs.
  • To deliver the above through an enhanced set of future energy systems and climate scenarios with new modelling that preserves the spatial and temporal coherence that defines national energy resilience.